Test your job-searching smarts with this quiz

Think You Have Job Search Savvy?. Think you've got job hunting down to a science? Test your job-searching smarts with this quiz:

1. What is the most effective way to e-mail a résumé to a potential employer?

A) Copy and paste it into the body of the e-mail
B) Attach it as a plain text file
C) Attach it as a PDF file
D) Attach it as a Word document

A. Sending an employer a virus that crashes his or her computer will kill your chances at landing the job. Plus, the hiring manager might hesitate to open attachments from unknown senders.

2. What percentage of hiring managers automatically dismiss résumés or cover letters with spelling or grammatical errors?

A) Nearly 25 percent
B) Nearly 33 percent
C) Nearly 50 percent
D) Nearly 66 percent

C. Forty-nine percent of hiring managers said résumés and cover letters with errors or typos go straight into the trash bin. Proofread carefully.

3. True or false: Hiring managers count volunteer work as relevant experience.

A) True
B) False

A. In a CareerBuilder.com survey of more than 600 hiring managers, 63 percent said they consider volunteer work to be relevant experience when evaluating a candidate.

4. An employer will likely discard a résumé that leaves out:

A) Hobbies or other personal information
B) An objective statement
C) Dates of employment
D) Fancy formatting

C. Omitting dates of employment raises a red flag to employers who may believe you have something to hide -- incessant job hopping, for example. You're better off telling the truth.

5. True or false: An employer can choose not to hire you because of your credit score.

A) True
B) False

A. Employers are increasingly using credit checks as part of the screening process. But don't worry: An employer must request your permission before running your credit report. If a hiring manager rejects you because of your credit, he or she must show you the report and tell you how to get a free copy from a consumer reporting agency.

6. Which of the following is NOT an illegal interview question?

A) You have a very unusual last name. What is its origin?
B) Have you ever been fired from a position?
C) Are you planning to start a family in the near future?
D) I notice you're wearing a Star of David necklace. Are you very religious?

B. While an employer can't base a hiring decision on sex, religion or national origin, your employment history is fair game.

7. Hiring managers have seen a lot of bizarre job seeker tactics. Which of these stories is a fake?

A) Candidate sent flowers and chocolates to hiring manager's home.
B) Candidate brought Starbucks for the entire office.
C) Candidate photocopied his face as background for his résumé.
D) Candidate brought references -- in person -- with her to the interview.

A. Some people go to extreme lengths to try and land a position. No word on how successful these candidates were.

8. What percentage of hiring managers would think less of or outright reject a candidate who didn't send a thank-you letter after the interview?

A) 12 percent
B) 28 percent
C) 36 percent
D) 47 percent

D. Politeness counts: Nearly 15 percent would automatically dismiss a candidate who didn't send a thank-you note, and an additional 32 percent would think less highly of the candidate.

9. How many days do Americans receive, on average, as part of their compensation package?

A) 10
B) 12
C) 15
D) 18

B. According to a survey by travel site Expedia.com, Americans receive 12 vacation days and give back an average of three per year.

10. According to a survey of more than 875 hiring managers, what percentage of employers say the first salary offer is final?

A) 30 percent
B) 40 percent
C) 50 percent
D) 60 percent

A. Nearly six-in-ten hiring managers say they'll extend a new salary offer once if a candidate asks for it. Nearly one-in-ten say they'll extend a new offer twice or more if they really want a candidate.


  • 8-10: Congratulations, you're a job-hunting guru!
  • 6-7: Nice work, but there's room for improvement.
  • 4-5: Not bad, but be sure to brush up on your skills.
  • 0-3: Better get back to the drawing board.
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