What’s in Your Trousseau?

What’s in Your Trousseau? - When you tie the knot, your in-laws will want to show off their new daughter-in-law to relatives and friends while your husband will want to display his prized possession to jealous friends ;) So you need to be the belle of the ball! You can't just blend in with everyone else!

That's when your trousseau will work its magic. But what exactly do you makes up your trousseau? Do you need designer brands or will some run-of-the-mill stuff suffice?

For the confused bride, here are a few essential tips to keep in mind before going shopping for your trousseau:

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Tradition over trends

Please don't blindly follow thelatest trends; stick to classics which will last you for a long time. Shopping budgets are very important. So get that decided before going shopping anywhere!

Consider trousseau shopping as a one time investment in your future wardrobe and choose accordingly. Most brides go overboard choosing glaring yellows, reds and blaring colours which can only be worn at formal dos.

So, be smart and invest in timeless pieces that can be worn again and again.

Luscious lingerie

Good lingerie is essential - not just for the Sedusa within, but remember you don't want in-laws to see grungy underwear being hung out to dry!

Get at least ten good pairs of bras and panties which are built to last. Pick branded pairs which should do fine for a while.

More essentials

At least ten salwar kameez or churidaar sets, trousers, pantsuits, and acceptable lightweight saris are essential for every new bride as there are quite a few social functions you will be invited to. While you're at it, get a wide choice of sari blouses - cowl neck patterns, noodle straps and even strapless ones which are affordable and will make you stand out at functions.

Don't forget night wear, workout gear like tracksuits and daily wear like jeans, capris and tops.

With these things in your cupboard, nothing can go wrong with your married but stylish look. The in-laws will be delighted to present their daughter-in-law and you'll be the cynosure of all eyes. ( timesofindia.com )

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