More than a quarter of women scream during sex to make men feel good

More than a quarter of women scream during sex to make men feel good - More than a quarter of women use ‘vocalisations’ during sex to manipulate their men into feeling good about themselves and therefore giving them what they want, scientists have discovered.

According to the findings, women will make a range of noises at passionate stages to trick their partners into thinking they’ve had an orgasm in order to influence the situation to their advantage.

The research, taken on by scientists at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and the University of Leeds, involved dividing vocalisations into the following categories: ‘moan/groan’, ‘scream/shriek/squeal’, ‘instructional commands’ and words like ‘yes’ and ‘more’ to then see at what stages they were used.
Women use vocalisations during sex to make their men feel good, scientists claim

University boffins carried out this research in order to find out why women were so vocal whilst making love, especially at certain stages, and if their noises corresponded to orgasm.

The astounding results found that 92% of women ‘faked it’ in order to boost their man’s self-esteem and make him feel more confident about his performance in the bed-room and his desirability.

Likewise, 66% of women admitted to using sexual moans and groans to speed up their partner’s ejaculation.

Other reasons given for ‘faking it’ were because of women’s own discomfort/pain, time constraints, boredom or fatigue.

A further 79% of women confessed to putting on arousing shrieks when they weren’t going to orgasm over 50% of the time that they have sex.

The study, put together by Gayle Brewer and Colin Hendrie, also found that in contrast to the usual belief of women climaxing during sex, more females acutely reached orgasm during foreplay but their vocalisation increased tenfold prior and during the male orgasm. ( )

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