How to deal with stress

How to deal with stress - Don't just accept stress as an inevitable part of modern life, urges Gill Edwards, a pioneer in 'conscious medicine'

Cause and effect 'Conscious medicine' is about making a connection between your mind and body. If we are physically ill it is mirroring something that is going on in our consciousness. Taking stressful thoughts out of your mind means they won't impact on your body. First establish what is causing the stress - be it work, family or partners - and, once you know that, you can start to deal with it

A learning experience It is my belief that everything that happens in our life is there to help us in some way - to make us learn and grow. So when our body falls ill, it means there is something we need to look at in our lives and heal

Repeat after me Ask yourself what beliefs you have that are making you work too hard, or leaving you worried about situations. There are all sorts of ways of shifting beliefs, such as affirmations. The subconscious learns by direct repetition. If you keep saying something often enough the subconscious takes it in. Phrases such as 'I'm safe' and 'I'm loved' are particularly effective. Most anxieties do seem to start because people feel unsafe or unloved

And relax When you are drifting off to sleep your subconscious is open, so whatever you say to yourself then will be easily absorbed. It is an ideal time to focus on what you want in life or what you feel grateful for - anything that makes you feel good. It is a bad time to worry about things, because you push more anxiety into your subconscious, giving you a bad night's sleep

Daydream believer When we are really stressed we tend to be in 'survival mode' and so we are focused on that particular day, but when we are not subject to the stress response we are much more able to focus on the future. If you visualise the long term - what you want in the future - your body will assume you are not under immediate threat and that will take you out of the stress response. Think happy daydreams for 15 minutes a day, of how you want your life to be - even if you don't yet know how you are going to get there

Get an energy boost If you suffer from chronic stress, one of the best methods to deal with it is through 'energy psychology'. It is a technique used by trained practitioners (you can find them at and involves tapping on your meridians (the energy lines that go through your body, which are also used in acupuncture) at the same time as thinking about the stressful event. It will help to take the trauma out of the body, and the body can then relax again and heal itself ( )

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